Saturday, May 18, 2013

Walt Disney World Vacation

With summer right around the corner, families are thinking about vacation time and one of the most popular family vacation destinations is Walt Disney World.  When planning a Disney World vacation

there are advantages to booking a Resort Vacation Package versus piecing your vacation together yourself.  When booking a Disney vacation package once you get on your plane headed for Florida, you don’t have to worry about your luggage again.  Once you arrive in Orlando you get off the plane, locate the Disney buses, a free transfer service from the airport to your hotel that is included in your package, which are in the same area as the taxi’s and get on the bus.  Your luggage will be collected for you from baggage claim and dropped off at your hotel room within 3 hours.  I highly recommend taking a change of clothes or swimsuits in your carry on so you can hit the pool or change into more comfortable clothes while waiting for your luggage to arrive.

You can customize your package by choosing what type of park pass you want.  You can choose from various multi day passes as well as single park passes in which you go to one park on each day or hopper passes where you can hop back and forth between the parks as much as you like.  I highly recommend getting the hopper passes.  You may find one park doesn’t have enough to keep you busy all day and you want to jump over to another park or you want to split your day between two parks. On a recent trip we took we went to Epcot in the morning but found the park too crowded so we decided to leave and hop over to Animal Kingdom and return to Epcot in the evening when it would be less crowned which it was.  Having the hopper passes let us have this option, whatever the reason, if you have the hopper pass you have the flexibility to jump back and forth between the parks as you wish.

You can also purchase a meal plan.  There are two different meal plans, one is a quick service meal plan in which you get two quick service meals and one snack per person per night of your stay.  With the quick service meals you can eat at any of the resort hotel buffets and most of the park restaurants except the sit down, waiter service type restaurants.  The second plan includes two sit down meals and one snack per person per night of your stay.  So if you stayed 5 nights you would get 10 meals and snacks.  We got the meal plan on our recent stay and it worked out great.  Your package includes a free refillable cup that you can use at your resort hotel as often as you like so we would purchase our breakfast at the hotel buffet and get a free drink with our refillable cups and then use our meal plan for lunch and dinner.  Each meal included an entree, desert and a drink.  Our hotel buffet was very nice with a large selection of food, we had London broil and fish and at the parks some of the food was so nice I actually asked a couple of times if we could pick anything off the menu or were we limited to certain items.  But we were allowed to pick anything off the menu so it worked out great and we ate pretty well and not having to worry about how much everything cost was great.  Having it prepaid for worked out great.  I am all for having as much prepaid for as possible.

From your hotel, when you want to go to the various parks, you simply walk outside your hotel and there will be buses that transfer you to each of the different parks.  At some of the hotels you can catch the monorail to the parks.  When you’re ready to come back to your hotel there will be buses at the parks to bring you back to your hotel.  There are also buses to transfer between the parks.  It’s very easy to get around.

At the end of your vacation you can check your luggage right at your hotel and get your boarding passes printed so when you get to the airport all you have to do is go straight to your gate.   And you will be transferred back to the airport compliments of Disney.

So as you can see there are many benefits of booking a Disney package.  If you are a AAA member you can book your vacation through them and get a discount as well as several extra coupons in your package. 

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  1. I agree -- package deals are the way to go at a place like Disneyland!